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Iupilon Adhesive Wall Hooks

Focused on bringing you the best, Iupilon offers you durable, high quality wall hooks that can be used in your home without requiring any work. You don’t have to worry about damaging the walls in your house. The blunt hook ends and the vibrant yellow color as well as the overall shape of these hooks also make them perfect for use anywhere around the house.

Their aesthetically appealing features will make this hook a part of the décor with ease. The easy stick application also ensures that you can have a useful and functional hook in every corner of your home or office with ease. Available in a pack of 4, this hook kit is pocket friendly and gives good value for money.





Iupilon’s wall hook kit contains a pack of 4 adhesive hooks that have the following features:

  • Easy to Apply – All you have to do is peel off the paper and apply the hook to the area you want. Keep applying pressure to adhere it and then use as needed.
  • Strong Hold – Once it is safely applied, Iupilon hook kits can be used for heavy objects too. Hang up your coats, your handbags or even some gear with ease. The Iupilon hooks are crafted with quality materials and are engineered to handle heavier loads.
  • Designed for Multi Purpose Use – The wall hooks design makes them easy to use for hanging clothes, containing wires, storing the remote near the TV, functioning as a door stop and more.

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  • No Messes – Applying hooks to walls can get a bit messy but Iupilon’s wall hooks are designed to minimize this factor.
  • Can be Used Anywhere – The adhesive on the wall hooks is usable on a large number of textures and surfaces. Whether you need them in your home, your office, the garage, your bathroom or even in a classroom, Iupilon’s adhesive hooks will be perfect for you.
  • Small in Size – The best part about Iupilon’s wall hooks are that they are small in size and won’t take up much space at all.


The following are some popularly asked questions regarding Iupilon’s adhesive wall hook kits that are available in yellow.

How Do I Use the Adhesive Wall Hook Kits?
The peel and stick feature of Iupilon’s wall hooks make them easy to install in just a few seconds. All you need to do is to remove the paper cover and stick it to any smooth surface. Apply soft pressure for a minute or two to firmly adhere it to the surface.
How Many Hooks are Available in One Set?
The Iupilon adhesive wall hook kits contain a set of four wall hooks, each with an adhesive back and are ready to apply and use as needed.
Can the Wall Hooks Be Used for Heavy Objects?
The Iupilon adhesive wall hooks can easily hold heavy objects but care needs to be taken. The surface area can also impact the overall strength of the hook. The yellow wall hooks are specifically designed for heavy duty usage.

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